Hi! I’m David, a 3D Graphics Developer from Toronto, Canada.

Below you will find some of my work. Please check out my Github, LinkedIn, Twitter and Resume (CV) below as well!

Enjoy your stay,

David Tran, Msc, Computer Science
cdavid.tran (at) gmail.com

Aperio: Managing 3D Scene Occlusion

A 3D surface mesh browser developed and submitted to the Graphics Interface 2015 conference that allows slicing/peeling or exploding of parts along a path using superquadric-shaped tools.

Developed using C++11, Qt and OpenGL/GLSL shaders. Github project page here eternallite.github.io/Aperio

Conference paper can be downloaded here

Coin Island (Global Game Jam 2015 Entry)

A game submitted to Global Game Jam 2015, an international hackathon hosted across 78 countries.

In this game, you chop trees, make shelter and bring in residents to the island; keep residents happy and they’ll make you money! Gain achievements and purchase/upgrade tools (tractor, assembly line, etc.) to bring in more coins. (CookieClicker-esque). Download: globalgamejam.org/2015/games/coin-island

Toronto Game Jam 2014 Entry

We decided to enter TOJam9 this year, (a 48-hour game jam where teams of programmers, artists, designers and sound engineers work together to develop a game).

Our entry was The Girl and her Teddy Bears a mini game-filled adventure where you help a teddy bear find food and friends in the wilderness. Check it out here itch.io/jam/tojam9/rate/7051