David Tran

Hi, I'm David.

An interactive Web , Unity  &  3D Graphics

Developer from Toronto, Canada.


CRISPR-Cas 9 Mechanism & Applications

Developed for Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), this interactive scrolling-website explores how CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology works and the many ways in which scientists are using it in their research.

Developed using HTML5, CSS3 (Sass), Javascript, GSAP, Webpack, Node.js, ScrollMagic, Vue.js and Babel.

2019 Webby Awards Nominee, Websites – Science
2019 BioImages winner, Best of Show
2018 Association of Medical Illustrators,
Award of Excellence

Available as an iOS app.


The Space We Hold is an interactive web documentary created for the National Film Board (NFB), based on the award-winning documentary by Tiffany Hsiung, The Apology.

Audiences can watch and comment on testimonies of three former “comfort women” who were forced into military sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II.

A WebGL visualization of comments left by users can be explored in the form of a 3D starfield of orbs.

Developed using WebGL (three.js), HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, Gulp, ScrollMagic.

2018 Webby Awards Nomineee,
Best Use of Video or Moving Image
2018 Canadian Screen Awards Winner,
Best Original Interactive Production

FORD - Mustang Customizer

The 2015 Mustang Customizer app for Ford was developed in a team of developers, designers, and producers and released for iOS, Android and Web. 

The app allows users to customize a 3D model of their mustang through choosing colours, decals, wheels, spoilers down to its license plate text. Streetview allows users to position and orient their car anywhere in the world upon address entry. Custom Gifs can be generated for sharing on social media.

Implemented 3D projection mapping to apply decals onto the car using WebGL (three.js)

GIFs were generated on the GPU with a colour quantization algorithm, using shaders and a tonemap to create an optimized 8-bit palette.

Developed using WebGL (three.js), Node.js, Gulp, Grunt, Browserify, LESS, Handlebars, CocoonJS & Cordova.

2016 Webby Awards Winner, People’s Voice
Favourite Website Awards (FWA) of the Day,
June 24 2016

Aperio: Managing 3D Scene Occlusion

A 3D surface mesh browser developed and submitted to the International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC) 2015 conference that allows slicing/peeling or exploding of parts along a path using superquadric-shaped tools.

Developed using C++11, Qt and OpenGL/GLSL shaders.

Springer Conference paper can be downloaded here

Coin Island (Global Game Jam 2015 Entry)

A game submitted to Global Game Jam 2015, an international hackathon hosted across 78 countries.

In this game, you chop trees, make shelter and bring in residents to the island; keep residents happy and they’ll make you money! Gain achievements and purchase/upgrade tools (tractor, assembly line, etc.) to bring in more coins. (CookieClicker-esque).

Developed using Unity & Blender.

Toronto Game Jam 2014 Entry

We decided to enter TOJam9 this year, (a 48-hour game jam where teams of programmers, artists, designers and sound engineers work together to develop a game).

Our entry was The Girl and her Teddy Bears a mini game-filled adventure where you help a teddy bear find food and friends in the wilderness. 

About Me



Master of Science (MSc), Computer Science
Ryerson University, 2015.

Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer Science
Ryerson University, 2011.

 CGPA 4.264/4.33
Governor General Academic Medal


Aperio: A System for Visualizing 3D Anatomy Data Using Virtual Mechanical Tools
Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Advances in Visual Computing, 11th International Symposium, ISVC 2015).

Authors: David Tran, Tim McInerney

Technical Skills

Javascript (ES6)
Visual Studio Code
  • OpenGL/WebGL (three.js), GLSL/Cg Shaders
  • C/C++11, Qt Framework, C#
  • WordPress, HTML5, CSS3/LESS/Sass, Javascript (ES6) 
  • Node.js, Webpack, AngularJS, Vue.js
  • Gulp, Grunt, Browserify, Handlebars, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • PHP, Google API Client, Apache/IIS, Git
  • Java, Android SDK/NDK, Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK, ARCore, ARKit, AR Foundation
  • VR (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Cardboard, A-Frame)
  • Unity HDRP/URP, ShaderGraph, VFX Graph 
  • Blender, Maya
  • iOS Development, Electron, Cordova
  • Leap Motion, Kinect, Socket.io
  • GameMaker Studio
  • Linux (Ubuntu)/Unix Shell, Windows/Powershell
  • MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  • OpenShift PaaS, Amazon Web Services